Energy Arts

For over 20 years I have traveled Europe, US, China, Tibet and India, to discover the mindful arts of meditation, Qigong, Ashtanga Yoga, Tai Chi,  Ba Gua, Hsing Yi and Liu He Ba Fa. I feel privileged to be able to share so much in this lifetime.”


  • Judy Weaver

    Director - Teacher Training at Yoga South, Founder - Connected Warriors

    Zorrik’s energy work is very powerful.
    In 20 minutes he shifted my energy from severe pain in my shoulder back into center.
    I felt grounded, was able to redistribute that energy
    and left the session pain-free.

  • Kamila Khalilova

    Dance Instructor

    Zorrik has a deep understanding of internal and external body connnections.
    In our private sessions he has improved my body mechanics and energy flow above and beyond what I normally came to expect from regular yoga and energywork classes.
    The healing and spiritual benefits of Zorrik’s classes are very real and tangible.

  • Jorge Gonzales

    Certified Rolfer, Body Worker, Teacher

    I have been a practicing body worker/ROLFer for the past 11 years. Besides ROLFing, I have studied in great detail: visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and other methods of alignment and core enhancement therapies.
    However, in all that I taken in through the years, the most unique teachings, that have made the most profound impact on my skills and understanding, came from Zorrik.
    Zorrik’s guidance has helped me to heal the body in the most direct way possible. Through other disciplines I learned to see and to feel the body, but through Zorrik’s teaching I have learned to sense the energy of it all. Now I can sense the meridians and problem areas, the energy flow and it’s change. This has given my work the depth, efficiency and precision, avoid the usual hit or miss and the frustration that many therapists go through trying to heal someone.

  • Sky Roim

    Yogi, Dancer, Photographer, Artist

    Working with Zorrik has opened up a whole new world for me. His ability to connect and communicate has helped me to understand myself better both in the physical and spiritual space. I had about 12 years of yoga practice and even more meditative practice under my belt, before I started working with Zorrik. But it is only now, that I see real progress. I recall one morning, pausing in warrior posture. It felt great: I was solid, centered. It was then that Zorrik guided me into FEELING the posture, and feeling MYSELF energetically in the posture, igniting in me a blissful state, a “natural high”. It was exhilarating! I was the WARRIOR… Needless to say, this has added a greater spiritual dimension to my practice.

  • Yang Shen

    Doctor of Musical Arts, Pianist, and Yogi

    Zorrik’s energy work is subtle and strong. He has always been able to bring about the blissful state of being in every teaching session. Spirituality becomes tangible and accessible. The beautiful phrases in meditation manuals turned into my personal reality. I am truly grateful for his uncanny gift and his being. Namaste!

  • Igor Gierimsky


    Zorrik has an innate ability to pinpoint energy blockages and guide students in a way that facilitates rapid progress. During private lessons he focuses on breathing, body awareness, and proper alignment. Inner tranquility and joy are easily attainable and emphasized in his practice. Zorrik is down to earth, approachable and very generous in sharing his gifts and knowledge with his students.

  • Marina Love

    Marina Love

    Healer, life coach, nutritionist, chocolatier extraordinaire

    With Zorrik’s teachings, I have healed traumas, that prevented me from living life fully for over 18 years! I experienced immediate relief in various areas, and caught myself smiling for no reason. I entered a new way of life, that was beyond blissful. I love his no fluff and simplistic approach combined with his extensive skills. He makes diving deep and pushing yourself, a treasured art form. My life took on a powerful new meaning through working with Zorrik, and I strongly recommend him to anyone and everyone