July & August classes in Boulder

No class on Kauai in July and August. Please, contact me if interested in Boulder classes

Classes Restart March1st

The Church of the Pacific Monday Class is back at 6:30 pm starting March 1st! See you there!

Classes start on October 1st.

Zorrik is back on Kauai.  Classes start October 1st and will be every Monday at 7pm at Church of the Pacific

Classes Restart in September!

I am back from my trip to the mountains.  The classes restart in September – please, check the schedule for the new location!

Living Practice Workshop on Kauai in May

One of the practical foundations of Living Practice is mastery of The Five Elements (Wu Xing). This time around, I would like to dive deeper into Overcoming the Five Elements practices. Please, see this link for the beautiful new location, … Continue reading

Workshop in Vancouver BC, Canada

July 4th, 2015 Zorrik will be conducting a workshop in Vancouver BC, Canada. Please see Workshops Page for more info.

Qigong and Meditation Workshop May 3rd

Meridian Integration Qigong and Meditation Workshop on May 3rd @ 2pm at Metamorphose Yoga. See this link for more info

New Class: Kung Fu for Kids!

A series of classes, using elements of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong and introduction to mindfulness, for the little ones. Kids of all ages are welcome and yes, so are the parents! Discover the lighter side of the ancient teachings from China, Tibet … Continue reading

New Class – Monday 6pm in Kilauea

The Tuesday 4pm class is moving to 6pm Mondays @ Kapuna Hale, Kilauea. Please, see schedule for more info

New Tue class @ Kapuna Hale

A new class at the beautiful and specious Kapuna Hale farm is starting Tuesday 30th at 4pm.  Every Tuesday we will be exploring meditation, movement and the energy flow of Qigong & Tai Chi. Please, check the schedule for more info. … Continue reading