Tangible Spirituality 101: The Cheese and the Mousetrap


All that we feel, think, experience, rejoice in and suffer through – is brought to us courtesy of our central nervous system, the core of physical self-awareness.

It is important to understand that every thought, emotion, sensory response takes energy. The stimuli is the catalyst of energy conversion. The more powerful the stimuli – the more energy can be extracted out of our stores. That energy is burned in the furnace of our central nervous system. The ashes of this process desensitize our nervous apparatus, and are the principal building block of the ego.

Think of a mouse, scouring relentlessly all over your house, looking for the proverbial cheese. Digging holes, squeezing into every tight place it can find, smelling, searching, frantic, compulsive, never tiring. That is how the ego is, cheese being the stimuli. The stronger, more meaningful, better connected within our memory the stimuli is – the more savory that cheese appears to the mouse. This is the foundation of the restless mind, unsettling the heart, disturbing the sleep, driving our intention into the monkey mind, away from the light and into the dark spaces. We become absent minded, consumed, disturbed, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder being the extreme manifestation of this.
Why don’t we build a perfect mousetrap for this pest? Nothing can be simpler, as mousetraps go – just add cheese, and that we appear to have in excess.

It’s best to build our mousetrap in the absence of both the cheese and the mouse. In general, no cheese – no mouse, save for the scuttling about, known as boredom.
Sitting quietly and watching the breath is a good start. On the inhale, imagine (one has to start somewhere) golden light entering your crown and streaming all the way down the spine into the tip of the tailbone. On the exhale – see white light doing the same: entering your crown and streaming all the way down the spine into the tip of the tailbone. Continue bathing the spine in golden and white light, and stay close to the spine, the purpose being entering the center of the spine eventually. Continue until you feel, that the light bathed space is … your sanctuary. Find a point, from where contentment, a smile, happiness rises to your heart and on to your lips. Give it time, give it a chance. Continue as long as you can. Behold – the mousetrap!

It is unavoidable, that a thought will appear, or an emotion, some memory perhaps of the sorts that pulls you out of the happy place, that you have settled into so comfortably. Observe, the knot that this creates in the spine, interrupting the light and the darkness that enters during the lapse of awareness. That interruption, causing the ego to rise up and claim the vessel that is you physical home, you body, is the “cheese”. If someone praises you and your ego becomes stronger – that is the cheese, also. If someone slanders you and your ego takes offense – the cheese, again. Whenever the “I” grows or suffers – cheese, cheese and more cheese.

No worries, no judgement – just continue with the light meditation, pulling away from the dark space and back into the golden and white light. Observing, how that displaces the darkness and undoes the knot. Put that dairy product into the metaphorical mousetrap, watch the mouse take the bait, then wham! – bathe it in light and reclaim the energy, that was about to go to waste. This stops and reverses the chain reaction of wasteful energetic damage to the mind and the body, that we call … stress. All one needs to do, is abide in the light, close to and in the spine.

This is Tantra – using everyday illusory experience as leverage, to gain freedom from it, the best stress management invented yet.  Not hiding away from life in an endless chain of prohibitions and rules, or perhaps in a cold cave somewhere high up on holy mountain, but reveling in the complexities of life by simplifying ones response to it.

If one remains in the light like so, the mousetrap is perpetually open and ready for the unwelcome mouse, the cheese is acknowledged as such and used to catch and deter the ego parasite, leaving our sensory apparatus to function freely and naturally, touching the live wire of life itself. Any challenge becomes a seed, from which new learning and empowerment sprouts. One does not need to continuously build defenses against what may come – let it come and bring fresh energy for the body and spirit to feast on, for every piece of “cheese” extracts more life giving energy out of what is stored in us, for us to use in any way we please. So, why not create more light, clarity and freedom, rather than more darkness, confusion and debt?

Most important is this: being established in the light, positively and permanently affects all who touches such a lucky soul. One may teach then, without raising a hand or speaking a word.

Thoughts from the Energy Center by Zorrik

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