A Way that can be followed is not True Way
A Name that can be named is not True Name
Using names is the origin of Heaven and Earth
Nameless is the Origin of myriad things
Therefore, without Desire, you see the Mystery
Using Desire, you see Manifestations
These two are the same
When they manifest, they are given different names
Their Sameness is the Mystery
Mystery within mysteries,
The Door to all Treasures
Lao Zi, Dao De Jing
– translation by Zorrik


This is my take on the Internal Arts, that make up the Art of my life:

Qi Gong

Also known as Chi Kung or Qigong. Can be translated as “energy work”. For me, energy work is the foundation of what I call Tangible Spirituality (see below). As spiritual beings having a physical experience as humans, we need this body to relate and connect to the physical world, and vice versa. Energy (qi, prana, light, etc) is what provides the pathway for this subtle yet profound connection. Energy may flow freely or follow certain paths. In either case, the mastery of energy or qi gong is what helps our spirit to come into harmony with our body, particularly during challenging times. Qigong mastery consists of understanding the harmony between body, mind, intent, energy, the spirit, movement and emptiness. These are expressed beautifully in the art of Lui He Ba Fa (see below).


The word Yoga can be translated from Vedic Sanskrit as “to unite”. For me, yoga is the discovery of the union between the spirit and the body. The main tool of yoga is  the union of Bandhas (locks), Pranayama (breath), Drishti (focus) and Asana (posture). I constantly seek the common ground between all of the Internal Arts. The interplay between Yoga, Qigong and Internal Martial Arts, such as Tai Chi,  is fascinating

Practice starts off the mat. On the mat, we acquire new tools for learning.

Tai Chi

The “Ultimate Supreme” interplay of Yin and Yang energies which comes from Wu Ji the “Void”. The lines from Dao De Jing above describe Tai Chi perfectly. Tai Chi is a way of life. “Forget yourself – follow your opponent” is the guiding principle of this great mirror-like, ocean-like, perfectly balanced Internal Art of great depth and power..

Ba Gua

One of the most mysterious arts. Ba Gua can be compared to a tornado, always spinning, splitting, unknowable yin Buddhist martial art.

Liu He Ba Fa

“Use your body as brush, use your energy as ink”. The child of Tai Chi, Hsing Yi and Ba Gua, the incomparable Water Boxing is half tiger and half dragon. This is the art that continues to inspire me day after day. Every time I flow through this form, it is my first time.


All of the Internal Arts are a form of moving and still meditation. For me, all meditation can be summed up in two words: “stop and look”, as described in the Secret of the Golden Flower. The subtle middle ground between using and not using intention opens the door to many worlds and wonders. The meditative state is something that can be carried over into the mundane life, transforming every breath into an act of magic.

Tangible Spirituality

I feel that it is of utmost importance to ground ones practice in the tangible. As long as we posses the body, it is the vessel to be perfected. As spiritual beings having a human experience, we need this body to relate and connect to the physical world and vice versa. Tangible, verifiable progress inspires and ensures further practice, while preventing abuses and confusion. I believe in burning the stick used to stir the fire, but not before the fire is well established.

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