Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the “Ultimate Supreme” interplay of Yin and Yang energies,  which origin is in Wu Ji, the “Void”.

“Forget yourself – follow your opponent” is the guiding principle of this great mirror-like, ocean-like, perfectly balanced Internal Art of great depth and power..

Class will cover the full 103 movements of the traditional long form of Yang Style Tai Chi.


Liu He Ba Fa

“Use your body as brush, use your energy as ink”. The child of Tai Chi, Hsing Yi and Ba Gua, the incomparable Water Boxing is half tiger and half dragon. This is the art that continues to inspire me day after day. Every time I flow through this form, it is my first time.

The Princeville class will cover the first (tiger) and second (dragon) part of Liu He Ba Fa form

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